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Lid van Register Belasting adviseurs

I am Oscar Vernooij, a Dutch tax consultant who can help you with your Dutch income tax return if you are working as an expat in the Netherlands and living in The Hague, Voorburg, Wassenaar, Leidschendam, Rijswijk and also if you are living outside this area. As a Dutch tax adviser, I can help you if you are living as a non-resident taxpayer (income in or from the Netherlands) outside the Netherlands. Please note, it can be profitable for you to fill in the Dutch income tax return by a specialized Dutch tax adviser. It is important that you use all the tax deductions and credits in your situation. I can also inform you about the 30% ruling for expats, the international tax treaties, and the special fiscal arrangements for international civil servants, working for  example in the NATO, ESTEC.

My services include:

  • Dutch income tax return Migration (M-form);
  • Dutch income tax return if you are a non-resident taxpayer (C-form);
  • Dutch income tax return if you are a resident taxpayer (P-form);
  • Dutch tax return for death duties;
  • Applying for the 30 percent ruling;
  • Tax advisor for business clients (bookkeeping, VAT tax return, corporate income tax return);
  • Applying for the several fiscal child benefits in the Netherlands;
  • Applications and monitoring your Dutch tax assessments;
  • Liaisons with the Dutch tax authorities.

Please note that I can also give advice on several fiscal matters e.g. buying and selling an house, in a divorse case and an inheritance.

I am a qualified Dutch tax consultant and member of the "Register Belastingadviseurs", which is an association for professional Dutch tax consultants. 

My tariff is EUR 100 per hour for a migration situation, and EUR 75 per hour for other situations (including VAT). In difficult cases it could be different and a tariff of EUR 125 per hour is applicable . 

If you are interested, please call me (0031 70 3263102) or send me an email via this contact form >

A meeting by skype is also possible. 

Hereby, I also refer to my General Conditions [pdf] >